Karasu 2019 Look Book

With the new mirrorless cameras from Nikon, the possibility to jump into video is even greater. Nikon has been my choice from day one, solely because my dad had some old primes laying around and I could use them to start creating. The Nikon Z6 has proven to be a tiny, lightweight beast when it comes to providing beautiful images and video. Everything is perfect, from the weight to ergonomics. As I get older, smaller, lighter cameras are a welcome change. I have since traded in my old battle axes for the new mirrorless format.

On this shoot, we were able to make use of Nikon’s new LOG format N-LOG. The most surprising detail was the dynamic range. In the photography world, RAW files make the world of a difference when it comes to retaining detail in post production. It does spoil you when entering the video world. When looking at the footage, it’s amazing to see detail in the window, I was expecting them to be blown out.

I have strayed from the technical side and moved to the creative side. The technical aspect is good to know, but the creativity when it comes to shooting plays a bigger roll. When shooting video, all the small details count where photoshopping isn’t an option. Moving to video definitely opens your eyes to the fine details because no one what’s to do a pick up shoot.

Client: Karasu Clothing Company

Stepping into Video

It seems like a natural step forward coming from photography. Taking this leap isn’t the easiest thing I’ve done, but it is a welcomed challenge. Going back to the learning phase is scary and exciting at the same time with so many more preparation steps to make sure nothing is missed. I don’t want to say photography is easy, but video takes a lot more consideration to make sure all is set for a shoot day.

Falling back on what I’ve done in the past when starting out in photography, I have gravitated towards books. There’s plenty of knowledge out there when you feel confused or unsure about what you are doing. I am a strong believer in practice. I’m all for jumping into the deep end, making mistakes and growing from it .