Value Village + Rethink Reuse

We were commissioned to cover the creation of an art installation for Value Village. The art installation would be set up in Graffiti Alley in downtown Toronto over the course of a day. We were asked to shoot as the project unfolded with uploads periodically sent over for use on social media. Our challenges on this gig would be both logistics and the ability to shoot in a small area for two days, while capturing a fresh perspective each time.

value Village rethink reuse toronto art.png

The point of the installation is to raise awareness of the amount of water wasted for the production of new clothing. I am all for reusable and renewable products. It was amazing to see the piece come together over the 8 hours. It was cold and wet, and when the sun finally made its way into the alley, all of us, both video, sound, and photo, did out best to soak up some vitamin D.

value Village rethink reuse toronto art.png

We worked with an amazing team that catered to the content that was needed. It’s a wonderful feeling to see our work be posted as you shot both on social media and the website. I am not completely sure where else the images went, but when work is showcased, nothing else brings me more satisfaction. Back when I started, I just wanted my work to be part of something bigger. Working closely with Kae, we were able to edit and send images for use almost immediately. As time passes, you learn that you can’t do it alone, it takes a team. More perspectives honestly produces better work.

value Village rethink reuse toronto art instagram.png

www.Partial.Gallery is an art rental service for both residential and commercial use. I had the pleasure to capture some of the clients who proudly display their choice of art in their homes and places of work. 

This day was a fun one, with up to five locations on a day. I absolutely love shooting everyday people. One thing I have found to be true is that when shooting working people, they are the most comfortable in familiar environments. This being their home, or work. It helps tremendously. When I'm on a white seamless, I can assimilate with my clients who shoot in video. When shooting on location, I am in bliss, unless studio is required and working with an experienced model. 

This day, the challenge of balancing ambient light in tight and large spaces was welcomed. I will admit, some items may have been moved to build a more powerful photo. 

Camera: Canon 5D MKIII Lenses: Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 & Canon 50mm f/1.2 Flash: Profoto B1 Modifiers: Profoto Zoom Reflector, Softlight Reflector, Elinchrom Octabank 69", Stripbank