Product Work

Shooting products are honestly one of harder subjects to shoot. Once you decide on the background and the base, it honestly becomes a game of inches with lighting. I usually tend to work with large modifiers that produce soft light, but when it comes to product, the opposite is needed. Hard light tends to produce the best gradients. To achieve gradients, grids are needed.  Almost all lights used were grided. A tight grid was used to highlight the company name on the lid. I cannot stress the importance of using a modeling light, its the only ay to see what you will if you are placing the light

set up bottle.JPG

Myodetox + Nike

When it comes to last minute shoots and tight deadlines, I usually get booked. All Mike had to say was its a collab with Nike and I'm all for it. Since we had minimal time, we shot at one of Myodetox's clinics. When it comes to shooting in small spaces, light leaks and spill pose their challenges. Everything that can be gridded was. Light spilling onto the background would highlight all the unevenness and take away from the dramatic feel we were chasing. 

IG: @alya_myshka

IG: @alya_myshka

One of the major differences between this shoot and others was the amount of pre-planning. We had Mike buy outfits. All the shoes were brand new and color matching came into scope for every outfit. The effort pays off ten fold. I am a big believer in having people play to their strengths. 

IG: @k8beast

IG: @k8beast

The end final medium for these photos was print. A booklet that would be handed out before a run in Miami, filled with stretches that would help participants minimize injury. Because it would be print, colors needed to be on point. The use of a ColorChecker Passport was a must. 

IG: @drkev_hybrid

IG: @drkev_hybrid


Thanks for looking. Now to see calculate when I can go medium format. 

Myodetox: Wedge Creatives

The biggest take away from this shoot was being kicked out of the location about an hour into the shoot. To be honest, we only asked one of the 3 landlords that run the place. Sadly, it wasn't enough. Luckily, we were able to get most of the shots done before we were forced to leave. One tip, if you are asked to leave, leave. At least they most likely won't ask for the images you already captured. At least you are leaving with something. 

We choose this location for the rustic feel. This heavily used loading area looks awesome on camera. having lights set up does not help your case when you try to explain this a small project.

Enjoy the images we were able to capture below. 

Equipment: Canon 5DMK3 + Canon 50mm f/1.2 + Profoto B1 + Profoto Stripbank w/ Grid + Elinchrom 69" Octabank


Thanks for looking.