Look Organic: Cosmetic Campaign

The most rewarding projects are definitely the ones where you are part of the planning and execution. Mind you, this project might of been on the rougher side, but never the less, there was art direction and a plan to build a powerful site for the launch. Check out Look Organics.


The premise of the brand is hydration and using the least amount of ingredients possible. We ran with the hydration part of the brand here. It’s amazing what a borrowed fish tank, carbonated water and some lightings can do.


Last but not least, the product shots. All products are shot one by one in studio. A series of light shaping tools and bounce cards help control unwanted reflection and reflect light to fill shadows as needed. My biggest tip fo shooting products is to have patience and take the time when creating the photo to fix lighting problems. You will be glad once you get into photoshop.

Look product photography_gfx50s.jpg

Product Work

Shooting products are honestly one of harder subjects to shoot. Once you decide on the background and the base, it honestly becomes a game of inches with lighting. I usually tend to work with large modifiers that produce soft light, but when it comes to product, the opposite is needed. Hard light tends to produce the best gradients. To achieve gradients, grids are needed.  Almost all lights used were grided. A tight grid was used to highlight the company name on the lid. I cannot stress the importance of using a modeling light, its the only ay to see what you will if you are placing the light

set up bottle.JPG

OSC Cross Catalog

Photographing catalog images is all about nailing the look and coordinating time to make the most of the studio time. This day we shot 109 items for OSC Cross in a 8 hour period with all prep included. Photographing on white paper is no longer the status quo when it comes to product photography. We choose a textured background and an interesting floor, one that did not take the viewers eyes away from product itself. Lighting with direction and making sure there are controlled shadows helps bring interest to the products. Not only does it help show texture, but dimension which is important to the both the client when viewing the product, but for the manufacture, demonstrating a sound product. Priority always goes to the product on these shoots.

Christian Guzman & Alphalete for Umoro

I had the pleasure of working for Umoro to shoot Christian Guzman's Alphalete collection for the upcoming season release. It was to be a quick and dirty shoot. Gear that day would be the Canon 5D MK3 + 50mm f/1.2 and the Profoto B1 modified with the beauty dish. On this shoot, I was entrusted with creating catalog images and editorial images which would be used for their instagram profiles and web store site.