Summer Street Shooting for Umoro

After all these years, street shoots are still alive and well. When you need to switch it up and need a real challenge, the streets will always provide you with ample stress. When summer hit’s here in Toronto, I do my best to take advantage of the good weather. The summers aren’t too long and the weather is perfect to explore all the nooks of the city. It was Canada Day, so the city is mostly dead. This would be the best time to explore the University of Toronto without getting in trouble. I am old now and I don’t think I can pass as a student anymore.

gfx50s, Umoro, toronto, UofT, street, style

Street shooting is all about wondering and letting locations and scenes open themselves up to you. On the drive in, an alleyway caught my eye. After shooting near where we parked, we ventured into that alleyway. There we found many textures and interesting light to work with. Slow shutter work is always risky, but not every image needs to be sharp. This particular jacket has a unique tear away zipper. I was trying to convey the action of opening the jacket.

gfx50s, Umoro, toronto, UofT, street, style

When it comes to street shooting, I pack very little. The only item really is the camera. I don't bring lights or reflectors. I intend to move quickly and get as much variation. I also know we aren’t always welcome everywhere we choose to shoot so the smaller the footprint, the most likely no one will bother you. Instead of lugging a flash (although I would love to) I hunt for good or interesting light. I am no longer afraid of hard light when I find it, with the Fujifilm GFX50S, there is forgiveness in the highs and lows.

gfx50s, Umoro, toronto, UofT, street, style

Speaking of light, the best time to shoot would be the evening or early morning. Everything from the colors to the long shadows from the low angle of the sun really changes how everything looks. At this time, I’m usually in a rush to get as much as I can be fore the sun dips or gets too high. Speaking of street photography, I have to plan a solo shoot and really try some new techniques before the summer is over.

Model: Mark Gallardo

Shot for: UMORO

Product Work

Shooting products are honestly one of harder subjects to shoot. Once you decide on the background and the base, it honestly becomes a game of inches with lighting. I usually tend to work with large modifiers that produce soft light, but when it comes to product, the opposite is needed. Hard light tends to produce the best gradients. To achieve gradients, grids are needed.  Almost all lights used were grided. A tight grid was used to highlight the company name on the lid. I cannot stress the importance of using a modeling light, its the only ay to see what you will if you are placing the light

set up bottle.JPG

Christian Guzman & Alphalete for Umoro

I had the pleasure of working for Umoro to shoot Christian Guzman's Alphalete collection for the upcoming season release. It was to be a quick and dirty shoot. Gear that day would be the Canon 5D MK3 + 50mm f/1.2 and the Profoto B1 modified with the beauty dish. On this shoot, I was entrusted with creating catalog images and editorial images which would be used for their instagram profiles and web store site.